Oxford’s Most Haunted Sights

Feel the supernatural in ancients sites where members of Oxford University refuse to leave after death.

Oxford has many places that send shivers down the spine especially if you happen to visit the places with the idea of finding the truth behind them. There is no denying the fact that Oxford city tours have seemingly pretty places as stacked up as haunting to the core. To deny there is absolutely nothing paranormal about the places is an outright denial of many visitations that have been reported by scores of people with diverse backgrounds. Here I present Oxford’s most daringly haunted sites.

White figure reappearing at All Souls College

The robed white figure dressed as if a charlatan has been exposed drifts from the rear of a library to the chapel where reaching the point it disappears at all into nothingness. This is a haunting that had origin since the unknown time and continues to this day

The Bear Inn ghostly manifestation

The Bear Inn is said to be 900 years old and is the most haunted hotel of the entire British Isles. It is said to be there was once Elizabeth Downing and her young son who died in the hotel and now appear to the guests roaming around the hotel corridors. The young son is more active.

Lost love at Cumnor Place

Robert Dudley was the man Queen Elizabeth 1 loved and his wife Amy Robsart was frustrated with the affair and as she passed away at Cumnor Place under mysterious circumstances, she continues to hover around the place with unfulfilled love for her husband.

Heinous Napier at Banbury Road

Napier was accused of gory crimes and he was executed with his body having been cut into pieces and scattered all over the place. The ghost of Napier has been spotted at many places around the area where he goes looking for the missing parts of his body.

Charles 1 found on the grounds of Christ Church College

 Charles 1 has been observed roaming the grounds with head and without a head as if gaining sympathy for the influence he exerted over the academic circles. It is also to be noticed that a former Royalist Commander was executed at the site.

The Holt hotel

The pretty hotel is a scene of the haunted site with some disreputable highwayman accused of committing many murders is deemed to be appearing in the hotel premises sometimes in the corridors and many times in the rooms of the hotel especially Room no 3 where female guests get wary of the ghost as taking undue advantage.



Pyre of Bishops

Supposedly after 1966, there appeared at Broad Street Memorial a pyre in which many bishops were burnt to death for their beliefs and now the pyre continues to keep its phantom date at the site as the shadowy figures lurk around the pyre.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace the residence of Duke of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill has become the talk of the town as being frequented by a couple of ghosts. The Dean Jones room where Sir Winston Churchill was born is said to be haunted by the ghost of a chaplain who appears in the room at will and in one of Palace’s bedroom around by the fireplace has been found a headed soldier who has scared a lot of witnesses.

 Man without a face

In the garden near Magdalen bridge has been spotted a misty figure without a head which has reappeared many times since 1947. A man has reported the misty figure approached him and he took to his heels

Nuns in a choir singing carols

On the first of May at Godstow Nunnery, Wolvercote, nuns singing in a choir could be heard as the phantom voices spread around, there inevitably is the fear of the divine in the area.

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