March 20, 2017

Visit Harry Potter filming locations, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland & The Hobbit Inspiration with Discovering Oxford University

Visit Magical Sights of Oxford University on a Premium Walking Tour of Oxford University Visit historic sites of Oxford University, discover Oxford University traditions, history, famous students anecdotes with highlights of famous filming locations. Visit Harry Potter filming location in Oxford, Narnia Inspiration, also visit Mordor of Lord of the Rings inspiration and learn about Alice in Wonderland anecdotes on a Premium Walking Tour of Oxford University. Harry Potter fans and Muggels are welcome to walk on the footsteps of Harry Potter. Visit the Harry Potter sites in Oxford. Our Magical tour of Oxford also includes visiting The School of Divinity and beautiful dining hall in a historic college. Explore student life in Oxford University and compare it with Hogwarts education. This Magical Walking Tour of Oxford University also includes visiting Chronicles of Narnia inspiration, Lord of the Rings inspiration and also Alice in Wonderland anecdotes. Tour Theme – Premium Walking Tour of Oxford University & Harry Potter Highlights Tour Timings Everyday – 11 am and 2 pm. For Booking please fill our Booking Form. Why this is a Free Tour and other people charge £15 to £30 for the same tour? Yes It’s Free To Pay As You Like! Other tour companies charge £15 to £20 per person for this same tour. Free To Pay As You Like, is fair pricing for visitors, where you pay the price that you are confident in. Is there any entry fee for going inside the historic Oxford University sights? Our tour includes visiting the old colleges, old lecture halls, old graduation venues, the old exam school, the old Bodleian library, the Weston library, old school quads where lecture were given earlier and historic chapels for free. Only £1 entry fee is optional for visiting a Medieval Lecture Hall known as School of Divinity which is also a Harry Potter filming location. Premium Scholars Walk Tours wants everyone who visit Oxford to learn about Oxford’s inspiring history, traditions and unique student experience.  Tour starting point –  Please fill our booking form for more information on where the tour starts from and booking is essential. Who can join this tour? Everyone is welcome! Information for Tour Groups – All groups of more than 6 people or school groups or student groups or any commercially arranged trips, must make booking through contact us form or call us and ask whether your group can joining our tour. Experience Magical sights of Oxford University and see what inspires great minds in Oxford. Tour Highlights – Visit Harry Potter filming locations in Oxford Visit Chronicles of Narnia inspiration, Alice in Wonderland and Lord of The Rings inspiration sites. Visit the most haunted sight in Oxford. Discover historic Oxford University traditions, history and unknown secrets of famous students. Visit Oxford University, famous colleges, historic chapels and dining halls for Free. What to expect from the Magical Walking Tour of Oxford. Experience the magic of Oxford while following the footsteps of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger (who is also native to Oxford) and Ron. Oxford is a magical place, visit the medieval buildings of ancient Oxford University which has inspired many minds on the Magical Walking Tour of Oxford University. Visit beautiful cloisters of historic colleges, old chapels and beautiful dining hall in college which is similar to the Great Dining Hall in the Harry Potter movie. Experience and visit where Harry Potter was filmed in the Bodleian Library. The School of Divinity is a 15th Century lecture hidden behind the Bodleian Library Old School Quads. The 15th Century School of Divinity was used as a hospital room and dance practice room in a Harry Potter movie. Chronicles of Narnia was written in Oxford University by C.S.Lewis and we will take you to Narina inspiration with Lord of the Rings inspiration. On our magical waling tour also visit the most haunted sight in Oxford. Discover unique traditions and history of Oxford University Our Magical Walking Tour of Oxford also includes visiting historic Oxford University landmarks and exploring the ancient traditions performed in Oxford University ceremonies. Our guides will also discuss about student life and experience in Oxford University. Click here to Book Now  
March 20, 2017

Premium Oxford Walking Tour

Join Premium Walking Tour of Oxford with University educated graduate guides What is a Premium Tour? Our Premium Walking Tour of Oxford goes inside many beautiful and high quality sites of Oxford University. These sites includes a visit inside a very beautiful college, Oxford University Church, The Bodleian Library quads, college chapel, 15th century historic lecture hall of theology and dining hall of an old college. Visit two oldest Graduation venues like School of Divinity and University Church on our Premium Walking Tour of Oxford. Scholars Walk Tour guide will take you to two oldest graduation venues of Oxford University. These two oldest graduation venues were used before 1669 and 1488. Some of the departments still use these graduation venues for formal ceremonies. Our guides will share many unknown graduation traditions and student experience on graduation day. Visit the two most beautiful oldest lecture halls-  Our Premium tour guide will take you inside to two oldest lecture halls (School of Divinity and University Church) where lectures were given in the beginning before 1602 and 1488. These lecture halls are the oldest in Oxford University with elegant architecture and interesting history.
March 20, 2017

Oxford Scholars Walk Tour

About Us – Premium Scholars Walking Tours was established in 2012. The inspiration behind the Walking Tours Oxford is to give an ultimate walking tour to a visitor for a memorable experience. Our guides are university graduates and highly motivated for showing visitors the historic and fun side of Oxford. Oxford is a great city with a world-class University of Oxford and more than 1000 historic buildings in a less than a mile. Walking Tours Oxford Walking Tour Oxford guides will take visitors on a journey of Oxford University and City with historic events dating back more than 1000 years ago. Our guides are experts and professional with a passion for Oxford’s historic sites. Our guides narrate the tour in a very interesting way that is simply understandable and entertaining. Our guide will be discussing Oxford’s great architecture, historic events which influenced the existence of Oxford University and the city. We have many multilingual guides working with Scholars walk Tours with lots of experience. Our guides will be able to give answers to all the questions asked during the tour by the visitors. Oxford Walking Tours guides will also share student experience of Oxford University. Oxford is the youth capital of the world and from more than 140 countries students come here to study. Our guides are university graduates and they have experienced student life in Oxford with lots of funny and bizarre stories to share. Why choose Premium Scholars Walk Tours? Walking Tours Oxford was established in 2012, since then we have given 2 tours daily and showed 1000’s of tourists the great historic Oxford University and city. We believe that history is not boring and our guide will take you on a journey of a life time through all the beautiful colleges, dining halls, chapels and the lecture halls.
March 18, 2017

Oxford Historic Sight Tours

If you want to discover the history of Oxford, the best way is to go for a walking tour around Oxford thus populating your mind with famous people and long lasting old traditions. Indeed it is a way to remember the best academic practices in the history of the planet where the best kept secrets behind the academic walls could be discovered in the matter of few days. So come to one of the most popular walking tour of Oxford, the tour to Oxford University College and the Divinity School.   Besides these tours there are other tours including Harry Potter, as made famous by films on the adventures of Harry Potter and filmed on the true locations of Oxford, more to the taste of Inspector Morse and Alice in Wonderland tours, suiting the specialist themed tours thus exploring Oxford’s modern architecture. Few historic places to visit in Oxfords are below: Blenheim Palace Blenheim Palace is home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and the place where Sir Winston Churchill was born. A true experience of 18th century architecture, the baroque style is worth seeing as it is made prevalent by awe-inspiring designs and patterns and a memorable experience for the visitors. Discover the beauty of this world heritage site. Take a mini train to the Pleasure Gardens to see the breathtaking beauty of natural and man-made maze, butterfly house and adventure playground. So the Britain’s splendid palace has lot to offer in terms of tours, exhibitions and events. The Ashmolean is the museum of art and archaeology of the Oxford University with in depth study of form and shapes as established in 1683. Our out of the world collections include Egyptian mummies besides the traditional contemporary art, telling-tales of human valour and courage from across times and cultures. The Ashmolean collections are rare and time tested diverse representing the world’s great civilizations dating as back to 8000 BC. So the treasure includes Pre-Raphaelite drawings, the Egyptian pre –Dynastic sculpture as existing outside of Cairo and other outstanding Anglo-Saxon treasures. The Ashmolean is a unique teaching and research department of the University of Oxford delving into the art and safekeeping the art history. It reproduces high literature in the fields of art history and archaeology. The Museum is a step in the right direction for cultivating the taste of art in the visitors. With improved design and new display devices the museum is more than ever a befitting place to curate art and art history. Harry Potter filming sites in Oxford Harry Potter fans must note that there is sufficient to see Harry Potter related places outside of London and that they have to spend many hours enjoying the quick trip to Oxford. So they would not find short of filming locations and much needed inspiration for the films. Here is the guide to Harry Potter locations to visit in and around Oxford. Visit The Great Hall at Christ Church College (entry fee will be paid by the visitor) Once in the Great Hall you would be delighted to know that the stairway used to get to the hall is also filmed in the series which includes a small archway where Harry first arrives at Hogwarts. Museum of Natural History The Museum of Natural History is the epic research centre which was used not to film any scenes but show case with the help of research  displaying various ancient artefacts. The Hogwart’s Cloisters The Hogwart’s Cloisters- In Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, many students turn against Harry and wear ‘Harry Stinks’ badges. The cloisters were used for memorable scene from the film when Moody turns Malfoy into a ferret. The scene is around giant Oak tree which could be seen in the movie. New College is open to the public daily from 11am to 5pm in the summer with an adult ticket of pounds 3 (entry fee to paid by the visitor). The entrance is on the New College Lane hence follow the road under the bridge of Sighs. In the winter the admission is free between 2pm and 4pm through the entrance on Holywell Street. Our tours are suitable for all walking abilities covering between 1 to 2 miles and lasting for about 1 and 2 hours. This 2 hour tour is our most popular tour and is an excellent place to start touring Oxford. The guide would lead you through the streets of Oxford, explaining the relevant history and architecture besides the traditions that are followed in imparting education at its best. You need to get inside of Oxford seeing the quadrangle, cloisters and dining hall as you come in direct contact with the University of Oxford’s famous colleges. Your guide will take you to Radcliffe Square which is home to Oxford’s most iconic and stunning buildings, highlighting the expressive facade of Oxford. The tour includes access to the Divinity School which has its ceiling adorned with ‘liner vaulting’ dating back to the 1480’s. DURATION OF THE TOUR: About 2 Hours PRICES of The Tour is Free. We do not charge anything and you can leave a donation to our guide at the end of the tour. TIME OF THE TOURS: Tour starting point –  Our tour starts at 11 am and 2 pm everyday. Please fill our booking form for more information on where the tour starts from and booking is essential.        
March 17, 2017

Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford

Book Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford for £60 for the whole group Discover Oxford’s famous landmarks according to your own interests, set your own itinerary according to your own liking and no shoulder rubbing with strangers. The Walking Tour of Oxford tour will be tailored to what you to see and know about because you are the boss on Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford. Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford will ensure that your valuable time is spent wisely in Oxford.  Highlights of Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford – Premium Private is excellent value for money – £60 for 1 hour tour and £70 for a 90 minute or £80 for 2 hour tour for your whole group. With a small group and a friendly guide you can feel the atmosphere and experience Oxford in a relaxing way. Family friendly tour with breaks to take memorable pictures. Visit all the sights in your list and have a unique advantage of a private guide to see the hidden gems, learn about local history and visit the charming ancient back lanes. On a Premium Private, you can choose your tour starting time and get full attention of your private guide to answer all your questions. Tour Timings – 9.30 am or 12.30 pm or 3.30 pm. We can start at Anytime! For a Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford, we can provide a guide usually on any time with 2 hours notice. Booking is essential for Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford.   What you can expect on a Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford? A Premium Private Walking tour of Oxford is the most amazing way to get an interesting insight into Oxford’s history, traditions and historic architecture of Oxford University. On a Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford you will be the boss and decide the theme of the tour and points of interests. Visit Christ Church College, Balliol College, Trinity College, Bridge of Sighs, Harry Potter filming sites and the old lecture hall. Your guide will be university educated having great insights into the Oxford’s history with passion to give an interesting and enjoyable tour. Your guide will be a university graduate with all the information to explain how the Oxford University works and how students are selected? What is the next step? Booking is essential for a Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford. For Booking please fill our Booking Form. Tour Timings 9.30 am or 12.30 pm or 3.30 pm Everyday. Our guide will come 10 minutes before the tour starts before 11 am and 2 pm at the tour starting point. Booking is essential for Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford.
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