Oxford Walking Tours

Premium Oxford Walking Tours

Our guides are University Graduates & Oxford Students having University membership with many years of guiding experience and local history knowledge. With our guides go behind the private doors where only Oxford University members can go.                                                        

  • Premium Oxford Walking Tour Price – Free (this tour is donation based and other tour companies charge £14 per person for this same tour)
  • When ?
  • Tour Timings: – 11 am and 2 pm Everyday
  • How long is the tour length?
  • Tour takes approx. 2 Hours with leisurely way of walking with less than half-a-mile of walking  just and seating arrangements for leaving you with happy feet.
  • Go inside the Oldest Lecture Halls, Exam Halls, Graduation Venue, and historical Colleges for Free. Click here to Book Now
  • Where is the tour starting point?
  • Please meet us outside Oxfam Shop.No.17 on Broad Street.Oxford Walking Tours  
  • Meet fellow travellers who are visiting Oxford.
  • Go inside the 13th Century Oldest Examination Hall of University of Oxford. 
  • Get tips for further planning interesting things to do in Oxford after our tour.


Oxford Walking ToursDiscover Oxford’s unknown historic traditions, visit exhibitions, museums and beautiful gardens.


  • Visit inspiration of writers who wrote Narnia, The Hobbit Land and Alice in Wonderland.
  • Visit Oxford’s most Haunted sights and be prepared to feel the presence of paranormal.
  • Visit to the old Bodleian library of Oxford University. 

Visit the famous colleges and Oxford Walking Tours to take some memorable pictures.

Premium Scholars Walk Tour will make your time well spent in Oxford and walk cobbled stones paths.


Visit Inspector Morse Pubs & Harry Potter Filming Sites

On visit the site where Tolkien and C. S. Lewis use to meet with some friends walk and narrated stories and where Inspector Morse and Lewis visited for a pint. 


Oxford Walking Tours Bridge of Sighs

Joining Premium Scholars Walk Tour is the easiest way to explore the iconic Oxford landmarks. All the world famous sites of Oxford are in a close proximity. Premium Scholars Walk Tours will help you explore the famous and hidden gems of this world famous Oxford University and City.

  • Call Us – 07412937003 (Mathews)


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Premium Scholars Walk Oxford Walking Tours Guides

Oxford Walking tours Exam Gowns

Learn about the unknown traditions and historic events which influenced the formation Oxford University. Our guides will enlighten you with detailed history of Oxford University and City. Our Walking tour of Oxford includes a visit inside School of Divinity and famous St Mary’s the Virgin with Gothic style of architecture.

Some of the sites will be covered on our famous Premium Scholars Walk Tour are given below.

  1. Balliol College                                        
    Oxford Walking Tours narnia lamp

    Oxford Walking Tours narnia lamp


  2. Trinity College
  3. Brasenose College                                                
  4. All Souls College
  5. Jesus College
  6. Exeter College
  7. Christ Church College 
  8. Oxford Old City Wall (1000 years old)
  9. Oxford Martyrs actual burning site
  10. Musuem of History of Science
  11. Biggest book shop in UK                                    
  12. Mysterious Emperors heads and           Sheldonion Theatre
  13. The New Bodleian Library
  14. Going inside the library to see the collection of manuscripts and very old books
  15. Visiting the famous Oxford University Printing Press            
    Lord of the rings twin towers

    Visit Lord of the Rings Twin Towers

  16. The Old History Faculty
  17.  The Bridge of Sighs
  18. The Oldest Pubs where famous students have visited and also Inspector Morse
  19. The Old Bodleian Library
  20. The Old School Quads where lectures were given 200 years ago. 
  21. Visiting the School of Divinity (The Oldest Lecture Hall in Oxford University & actual Harry Potter filming site)
  22. Visiting the Narnia inspiration 
  23. Visiting the twin towers of J. R. R. Tolkein (Lord of The Rings)                          
  24. Alice in Wonderland                                                                                         
  25. Visiting the Official Church of Oxford University
  26. The Tower of Five Orders
  27. The most Haunted Oxford Site
  28. Detail information about the way of teaching, admissions, interviews and how much students pay?

Why University of Oxford is different from other Universities?

How much students pay?

How do students choose a college?

How interviews are taken?

How and where teaching is done?

How graduation ceremony is performed?

And much more…

Oxford Walking Tours guide will also discuss about eccentric and naughty unknown stories about some famous Oxford University students read more… bodlian-send1

   Book a Premium Tour to see and visit most exclusive sights.        Click here for more Information

  • ExclusiveBeautiful and Splendour are few words that can only explain this tour. This tour is designed for tourists who are looking for an experience which will leave them mesmerised.
  • Oxford Walking Tours is the only tour which ensures that tourists see many exclusive sights behind the closed doors with Oxford University student or a professional guide.Oxford Walking tours sight
  • The sights are not open to other tours because you have to be a member and recognized by the University to visit these exclusive sights.
  • Visiting a Dining Hall, a Chapel, College Gardens & School of Divinity (the first lecture room) are the highlights of this tour with entry to the oldest part of the university.(Please note and beware that other tour operators will not mention or show these sights on the website because they do not go there).
  • This tour also includes a visit to Inspector Morse & Harry Potter filming sight.
  • Includes entry inside two to four different colleges to ensure that you understand difference between different colleges.
  • 2 hour long with seating arrangements at few places and just 25 minutes of walking. 

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Below is a recent Article send to us by a Visitor Oxford Walking Tours

Mountains plus the sea, what else could you want?

Swimming and Bowling at Botanic Gardens and River Thames

The best thing I like in the area around Oxford City and especially in North Oxford are the swimming spots to cool down your nerves.

The first thing I would like to indulge in the area is to take a with Oxford Walking Tours, the climate was tropical and hot here.

It was a beautiful day to ponder over the reflections in the little pools and in the water. 

Oh! If you have to be serious about the place, there are Oxford University students here, only a turtle or two.

Oxford Walking Tours

Oxford Walking Tours

Getting lost around Magnetic view with Oxford Walking Tours

 Most of the people who come to Oxford head straight to Magnetic Island as it is affectionately called Maggie by the locals and it is just eight historic sites close from Oxford and is the perfect day trip from town.

As weird as it would get, people drive to the place in mini cars and somehow it feels like the 2016 best day to walk. So you couldn’t find a better place than this to relax and get into laid back mode and enjoy Oxford Walking Tours.

I spent the morning exploring the hidden beaches and bays, snorkeling and fishing to much of my heart’s content. So I wind up my way in the island and exploring every corner of it till the sunset.


Coffee at Missing Bean at Oxford 

I have admitted earlier and I admit it now that I am a coffee addict. There is no way you could argue.

So whenever I happen to be in the new place the first thing I ask around is where to find the best coffee. And Oxford guarantees the best coffee that is a delight to sip.

In Oxford someone pointed quickly to Coffee Dominion in university and It didn’t disappoint and gave me an opportunity to look around for street art which was round the corner.


Being amazed with Oxford Walking Tours

The highest tower to climb in Oxford City, it is really grand to look at and see in person somehow making the long drive perfect for it. And the road up the falls is really fun place.

I would like to admit in a Side note, why do we love waterfalls so much while travelling? Anyone?

Oxford Walking Tours

Oxford Walking Tours

Becoming a local with my own apartment

The one of big reasons to be in Townsville was just like being a local and then see around the things. It has so much to offer and to explore it doesn’t have a commercial feel like Cairns. It feels real.


I was expecting Oxford Walking Tours to be a blast such as kick ass tour scene. It really blew my mind. The meal that became my favourite was dinner at City Lane, Oxford’s first creative street dining spot. It was essentially an alley turned into a great walking area of delicious food spots. It is guaranteed you would not be left hungry.



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