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Join Free Walking tour of Oxford University to visit Historic Colleges, Lecture & Dining Halls for Free with University guides.

Tour Theme – Walking Tour of Oxford University, Oxford City & The Bodleian Library Old Quads

  • Visit oldest Colleges, Historic Chapels, School of Divinity, The Bodleian Library Quads, Harry Potter filming locations, Inspector Morse sights and beautiful dining hall on a Premium Free Walking Tour of Oxford.
  • Premium Oxford Walking Tours Price – Yes It’s Free! Free means donations based.
  • (this free tour is donation based and other tour companies charge £14 per person for this same tour) With us, You Can Pay As You Like at the end of our tour and according to your happiness.
  • When you can join this premium tour?
  • Tour Timings: – 11 am and 2 pm everyday. Our tour starts outside Oxfam Shop. No.17 on Broad Street.
  • For Booking please fill our Book Now Form or text us on 07412937003.

Tour Highlights –

  • Discover Oxford’s history, traditions and walk in the footsteps of famous members like J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis
  • Visit old colleges,old school quads, lecture halls, exam hall, graduation venue for free
  • Explore Oxford with a knowledgeable University educated guide
  • Go inside 800 years old Oxford University sites and visit world-famous sites like School of Divinity, the Bodleian Library, Bridge of Sigh and Christ Church meadows.
  • Learn about unique Oxford University traditions, ceremonies, mysterious legends, student life and much more!

Visit Harry Potter filming sites, Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland & Lord of the Rings sites on a Free Tour. Visit Inspector Morse filming sites with us.

Oxford Walking Tour Description –

Since 2012, we have provided free walking tour everyday and Premium Scholars Walk Tours guides are passionate about Oxford's inspiring history. Our tour covers all the interesting topics about Oxford’s glorious past, historic landmarks and dark secrets. With our University-educated guides, you will walk the walk through thousands years of Oxford’s history from early Saxon time of small Oxford Town to its present world famous city of learning. Our guides will lead you through historic landmarks of Oxford’s amazing historic stories.

Our guides are University educated with years of guiding experience and local history knowledge. With our guides you can go behind the closed doors where Oxford University members can go.

  • Visit 800 years old Oxford University sites with us.
  • Why we do not charge £14 per person like others?
  • Our guides are highly passionate about Oxford’s history. We have been giving excellent tours since 2012 everyday, otherwise we would have been long gone by now. We believe that all the visitors visiting Oxford should know about the history of Oxford.
  • Premium Scholars Walk Tours combines historic Oxford University sites with Oxford City and the Old Bodleian Library Quads and School of Divinity. (Yes, we go inside the old library quads , the Weston library and into the School of Divinity which is the 15th century medieval building)
  • How long is the tour length?
  • Tour takes approx. 2 Hours with leisurely way of walking with less than half-a-mile of walking and seating arrangements for leaving you with happy feet.

Why you should join Premium Walking Tour of Oxford with Scholars Walk Tours?

Exclusive & Premium Sites – Oxford Walking Tour provide premium walking tour of Oxford which goes inside the two oldest lecture halls, oldest graduation venue, examination hall, two old libraries and a college for FREE!

  • Also visit exclusive sites like Harry Potter filming sites, Inspector Morse filming sites, Chronicles of Narnia inspiration sight (C.S.Lewis), Lord of The Rings inspiration sight (J. R. Tolkien), Alice in Wonderland sight (Lewis Carroll) and Oxford’s most Haunted Sights. Click here to Book Now.
  • Where is the tour starting point?
  • Please meet us outside Oxfam Shop.No.17 on Broad Street.
  • Meet fellow travellers who are visiting Oxford.
  • Go inside the 13th Century Oldest Examination Hall of University of Oxford.
  • Get tips for further planning interesting things to do in Oxford after our tour.
Plan Things to do in Oxford visit with us! Our tour covers all famous Oxford sightseeing attractions including Bridge of Sighs.


Discover Oxford’s unknown historic traditions during premium oxford walking tours, visit exhibitions, museums and beautiful gardens.

  • Visit inspiration of writers who wrote Narnia, The Hobbit Land and Alice in Wonderland.
  • Visit Oxford’s most Haunted sights and be prepared to feel the presence of paranormal.
  • Visit to the old Bodleian library of Oxford University.

Visit the famous colleges and to take some memorable pictures.
Premium Scholars Walk Tour will make your time well spent in Oxford and walk cobbled stones paths.
Find What to do in Oxford?


Visit Inspector Morse Pubs & Harry Potter Filming Sites

Also visit the sites where Tolkien and C. S. Lewis use to meet with his friends and narrated stories. Also see the pubs where Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis visited for a pint.


Call Us – 07412937003 (Mathews)Joining Premium Scholars Walk Tour is the easiest way to explore the iconic Oxford landmarks. All the world famous sites of Oxford are in a close proximity. Premium Scholars Walk Tours will help you explore the famous and hidden gems of this world famous Oxford University and City. Book Now

Learn about the unknown traditions and historic events which influenced the formation Oxford University. Our guides will enlighten you with detailed history of Oxford University and City. Our Oxford Walking tours includes a visit inside School of Divinity and famous St Mary’s the Virgin with Gothic style of architecture. Walk the halls of one of the most historic and world famous Oxford University on a 2 hour premium walking tour of Oxford University, City & The Bodleian Library. Go inside the amazing oldest and famous colleges with insights of student life and their experience in Oxford University. See all the famous landmarks in the heart of the University like Bridge of Sighs, Radcliffe Camera, University Church of St Mary, Christ Church and Trinity College. Learn about famous students of Oxford University, hear anecdotes and experience secret traditions.

Tour Highlights -

Discover famous Oxford University landmarks like Bridge of Sighs, Radcliffe Camera, Christ Church College, Trinity College, University Church of St Mary, explore magnificent Bodleian Library, Old School Quads, School of Divinity, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford University Printing Press, The New Bodleian Library, Blackwells bookshop, The Emperor’s Heads, 1000 years old city wall, Oxford Martyrs, Museum of History of Science, All Souls College, Exeter College, Jesus College, Brasenose College, New College, Balliol College, Duke Humphrey’s Library, Harry Potter filming locations and much more!

Also visit the sight where the most powerful Archbishop of Canterbury was burnt alive by the Queen Bloody Mary.

Who can join this tour and what you can expect?
  • Everyone can join this tour. This 2 hour Premium Walking Tour of Oxford is designed to take you behind the high walls and closed doors of world famous Oxford University.
  • This 2 hour Premium Walking Tour of Oxford University departs everyday at 11 am and 2 pm outside Oxfam Shop No. 17 on Broad Street in central Oxford.
  • Using University Graduates as guides, the walking tour unfolds the drama behind the ancient university in a interesting and enjoyable way.
  • With small intimate groups, the guides give special attention to everyone while answering all the questions and concentrate on the diverse history of Oxford University.

Explore Oxford’s unique history while going inside oldest colleges and also discover equally about history of Oxford City. Learn about famous Oxford graduates who are now world leaders and their less known experiences in University of Oxford. Also discover academic traditions and ancient ceremonies at Oxford. Above all visit all the Magical sites of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and the Hobbit in Oxford. And also the famous “finishing story of a stand-off” between an intelligent professor and a naughty student. Tour price - There is no fixed price of this tour. As a visitor you can pay as low as £5 per person which very low price when compared with £14 per person charged by some other people

Review sent by Sharon (London) on 11th March,2017 – The Historic Oxford Walking Tours

Scholars Walk Oxford Walking Tours have many sites which can be very modern and sometimes hundreds of years old. The most important thing that we liked about our guide was that our guide was University graduate and very friendly. Our guide Allan took us inside many beautiful colleges and commentary was also very interesting due to facts about the colleges and unusual traditions.There is no other better way of learning about the Oxford’s history then joining Scholars Walk Tours. Our guide was very knowledgeable. Sometimes too much history becomes a little boring but our guide was managing the group of different ages very well. Scholars Walk Tours guide helped many members of our group to realise how Oxford University works? Our knowledgeable guide also discussed about the rivalry between the colleges and local gossip with many unknown Oxford University secrets.

There was lots of information about J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S.Lewis and Harry Potter. Our guide took us to Tolkein’s college in Oxford University and we also visited Harry Potter filming location. This tour is a must for everyone who will visit Oxford.

Review posted by Adrian (USA) on 5th March, 2017

Great Experience with Oxford Walking Tours guide who was knowledgeable about local Oxford history and also charmingly funny. Our guide introduced us with excellent Oxford student experience, urban legends and university culture. We also learned about British history of Oxford, especially during the English civil war and time flew very quickly.We visited many interesting sights like The Old Bodleian Library with lots of details about student life in Oxford University and student traditions.

With Scholars Walk Tours, we enjoyed many great sights with historic tales of Oxford students and our guide was excellent with people in our group. Our guide gave all the answers and we were all very happy. We took lots of picture with the statue of the Third Earl of Pembroke and also visited School of Astronomy.

When we visited the Old Schools then we felt like students of Oxford University and we experienced how students felt hundred of years ago. We also saw School of Medicine and historic School of Rhetoric. All the text on the top of these schools were written in Latin with faces of old students next to entrance.

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Oxford Walking Tours: Join Free tour of Oxford University to visit Historic Colleges, Lecture & Dining Halls for Free with University guides. Tour Theme – Walking Tour of Oxford University, Oxford City & The Bodleian Library

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Discover Oxford’s famous landmarks according to your own interests, set your own itinerary according to your own liking and no shoulder rubbing with strangers. The Walking Tour of Oxford tour will be tailored to what you to see and know about because you are the boss on Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford.

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Free Magical Walking Tour of Oxford Harry Potter fans and Muggels are welcome to walk on the footsteps of Harry Potter. Visit the Harry Potter sites in Oxford. Our Magical tour of Oxford also includes visiting The School of Divinity and beautiful dining hall in a historic college.

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History Of Oxford City

If you want to discover the history of Oxford, the best way is to go for a walking tour around Oxford thus populating your mind with famous people and long lasting old traditions.

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