Premium Free Oxford Walking Tour of Oxford University, City & The Old Bodleian Library with University Educated Students & Alumni Guides


Join our fun, engaging and enlightening Free Oxford Walking tour for going inside University of Oxford, Historic Colleges, Old 13th Century & 15th Century Lecture Halls, Dining Halls, Old Chapels, Exam Halls, Graduation Hall, discover weird traditions and inspiring history of Oxford University for Free with University educated guides.

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Tour Price – Free

Tour Theme – Walking Tour of Oxford University, City & The Old Bodleian Library Quads. Please click on the Book Now to fill our tour booking form and get instant booking confirmation. Tour duration will be between 90 minutes to 100 minutes and involves less than half a mile of walking.

Our famous tour also includes following the footsteps of Harry, Hermione & Ron to visit see the Harry Potter filming locations in Oxford. Also experience Oxford University locations which inspires famous writers like J.R.R.Tolkein (The Lord of The Rings), C.S.Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Collin Dexter. Our University educated guides will explain in detail to what its really like to study here, our guides will take you through the 1000 years historic journey of Oxford to its current position. Please fill in our Book Now form.

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  • Go Behind The Closed Doors of the world famous University of Oxford
  • Go behind the huge gates and stoned walls of the Oldest Colleges, experience Historic Chapels, see the first lecture hall School of Divinity, The Bodleian Library Quads, take pictures of Harry Potter filming locations, Inspector Morse sights and beautiful dining hall on a Premium Free Walking Tour of Oxford.
  • Premium Walking Tours of Oxford Price – Yes It’s Free To Pay As You Like!
  • This free tour is donation based tour and other tour companies charge £20 per person for this same tour. With us, Pay as You Like at the end of our tour and according to your happiness because best things in life are Free!
  • When can you join this premium tour?
  • Tour Timings Everyday: –  11 am, 2 pm & 3.45 pm from Monday to Sunday. We have spaces available. Please fill our book now for for instant confirmation.
  • Tour starting point - Please meet your guide opposite TSE NOODLE Restaurant No.8 Ship Street, Oxford (postcode is OX1 3DA) and join Premium Free Oxford University Walking Tours.
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  • Please fill our Book Now or Contact Us form for more information on where the tour starts from and booking is essential. Please click on Book Now or Contact Us to fill our tour booking form.
  • Our guide will come 10 minutes before the tour starts at 11 am, 2 pm & 3.45 pm at the tour starting point.
  • For Booking please fill our Book Now form or text us on 07412937003.
  • Our famous tour includes all the old and historic Oxford University sites. For example - The Old Bodleian Library (1488), Christ Church College (1546), Bridge of Sighs, 1000 years Old Saxson Tower, Old City Wall 1321), New College (1379), Exeter College (1314), Balliol College (1263), School of Divinity (1427), Brasenose College (1509), Sheldonion Theatre (1664) & much much more. Please fill in our Book Now form.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover Oxford’s history, traditions and walk in the footsteps of famous members like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis
  • Visit old colleges, old school quads, lecture halls, exam hall, graduation venue for free.
  • Explore Oxford with a knowledgeable University educated guide
  • Go inside 800 years old Oxford University sites and visit world-famous sites like School of Divinity, the Bodleian Library, Bridge of Sigh and Christ Church Meadows.
  • Learn about unique Oxford University traditions, ceremonies, mysterious legends, student life and much more!

Also visit Harry Potter filming sites, Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland & Lord of the Rings sites. Visit Inspector Morse filming sites with us.

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Uncover the inspiring history of Oxford University, visit old colleges and dining halls for free. Go behind the closed doors, visit Harry Potter sites and discover dark secrets. Since 2012, we have provided Free Oxford Walking Tour every day and Oxford University Walk Tours have become a global phenomenon. With our University-educated guides, you will walk the walk through 2000 years of Oxford’s history from early Saxon time of small Oxford Town to its present world famous city of learning. Our guides will lead you through more than 2000 years of Oxford’s amazing historical stories.

Our guides are University Graduates with many years of guiding experience and local history knowledge. With our guides, you can go behind the closed doors where Oxford University members can go. Please fill in our Book Now form.

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