Oxford University Colleges and University Buildings

List of some architecturally elegant buildings in Oxford University

Oxford University is made up of more than 30 colleges with every college having its own dining hall, bar and library besides the community group where students could gather and meet up for extracurricular activities. The students could participate in the college activities for self-improvement and development. The colleges are spread over Oxford city and could be accessed by merely walking into the buildings. Many colleges are quite famous over the world for its famed alumni who happen to be prime ministers, writers, statesmen and other intellectuals. The prominent colleges of the University are listed below according to the prominence.

Christ Church

Christ Church is on St Aldates’s with peaceful river walks following it. The other prominent building in the vicinity is the Bodleian Library which is a marvelous place to study. Founded in 1524 Christ Church is the most famous of Oxford colleges, appearing in television and films. It is the alma mater of Lewis Carroll. Christ Church has a bell in the tower called Great Tom that is rung 101 times at 9 pm. The other famous landmark of the college is Oxford’s cathedral spire that inspires many a student.

The Bodleian Library

 The Bodleian library buildings are on the guided tours and could be approached through a tour of the place and there is an excellent gift shop tucked in the library. The Bodleian is known locally as ‘The Bod’ and is the epicenter of the vast library network of Oxford.

All Souls College

The college is a famed institution providing education in the humanities and social and theoretical sciences. It is an epicenter of intellectual and religious activity. The college is commonly known as the ‘College of the souls of all the faithful departed and was built in the 1430s has received its foundation charter in 1438 from King Henry VI.

Corpus Christi College

Founded in 1517 Corpus Christi College is a vibrant place of study and is an outstanding academic institution. The college is smaller than most other colleges, yet does pioneering study having the tolerant and intellectually stimulating environment.

Magdalen College

Magdalen College is a prominent place of study and is open to the tourists. The principal areas of the college are the Hall Chapel and Old Kitchen Bar. It had Deer Park which could be viewed from the walks.

New College Buildings

New College is one of the best-known colleges of Oxford with splendid gardens and having perpendicular style architecture that really stands out in the Oxford University. It was founded by William of Wykeham in 1379 primarily for educating priests and today the college has outgrown into admitting undergraduate and graduate students in nearly every subject. It has a hall, chapel, and gardens that are the best in the area.

Trinity College

Trinity College was founded as the training facility for priests in the sixteenth century. The lawns of the college cover approximately 2500 square meters and have quadrangle features. It has a specimen of various trees which include two large Atlantic Blue cedars as well as a Catalpa which is considered to be one of the oldest in Oxford. The original chapel of the college was built for the Benedictine Durham College and was dedicated on 27 January 1410.

University College

University College is outstanding college and has the world-renowned body of academics. It has research facility from languages to as diverse a field as Biochemistry. The tutors are well known and lecturers are outstanding people employed in the college. There is debating society besides Eldon Society that dominates the intellectual growth of the students. The college chapel is in the Front Quad next to the Hall at the heart of the college.

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