March 20, 2017

Join Free Harry Potter Tour of Oxford to go inside Harry Potter filming locations, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland & The Hobbit Inspiration while Discovering Oxford University on a free tour.

March 20, 2017

Premium Oxford Walking Tour

Join Premium Walking Tour of Oxford with University educated graduate guides What is a Premium Tour? Our Premium Walking Tour of Oxford goes inside many beautiful and high quality sites of Oxford University. These sites includes a visit inside a very beautiful college, Oxford University Church, The Bodleian Library quads, college chapel, 15th century historic lecture hall of theology and dining hall of an old college. Visit two oldest Graduation venues like School of Divinity and University Church on our Premium Walking Tour of Oxford. Scholars Walk Tour guide will take you to two oldest graduation venues of Oxford University. These two oldest graduation venues were used before 1669 and 1488. Some of the departments still use these graduation venues for formal ceremonies. Our guides will share many unknown graduation traditions and student experience on graduation day. Visit the two most beautiful oldest lecture halls-  Our Premium tour guide will take you inside to two oldest lecture halls (School of Divinity and University Church) where lectures were given in the beginning before 1602 and 1488. These lecture halls are the oldest in Oxford University with elegant architecture and interesting history.
March 20, 2017

Oxford Scholars Walk Tour

About Us – Premium Scholars Walking Tours was established in 2012. The inspiration behind the Premium Walking Tours Oxford is to give an ultimate walking tour to a visitor for a memorable experience. Our guides are university graduates and highly motivated for showing visitors the historic and fun side of Oxford. Oxford is a great city with a world-class University of Oxford and more than 1000 historic buildings in a less than a mile. Premium Walking Tours of Oxford Premium Walking Tour Oxford guides will take visitors on a journey of Oxford University and City with historic events dating back more than 1000 years ago. Our guides are experts and professional with a passion for Oxford’s historic sites. Our guides narrate the tour in a very interesting way that is simply understandable and entertaining. Our guide will be discussing Oxford’s great architecture, historic events which influenced the existence of Oxford University and the city. We have many multilingual guides working with Scholars walk Tours with lots of experience. Our guides will be able to give answers to all the questions asked during the tour by the visitors. Premium Walking  Tour of Oxford guides will also share student experience of Oxford University. Oxford is the youth capital of the world and from more than 140 countries students come here to study. Our guides are university graduates and they have experienced student life in Oxford with lots of funny and bizarre stories to share. Why choose Premium Scholars Walk Tours? Walking Tours Oxford was established in 2012, since then we have given 2 tours daily and showed 1000’s of tourists the great historic Oxford University and city. We believe that history is not boring and our guide will take you on a journey of a life time through all the beautiful colleges, dining halls, chapels and the lecture halls.
March 17, 2017

Premium Private Walking Tour of Oxford

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