Oxford Walking Tours  of Oxford University, Bodleian Library & City with Scholars Walk Tours

Oxford Walking Tours were established in 2012. Co-Founders of Oxford Walking Tours started tours in January 2012.

Who are the guides?

Our guides are University educated graduates, who are passionate about Oxford’s history. 

Since 2012, we have been leading high-quality tours.

Our guides are University educated graduates. Our guides will take visitors far inside and behind the closed door and talk about student life at Oxford University and its inspiring history.

All our guides are passionate about their work, eager to give high-quality tours. Our tour is carefully based on loads of research, with 5 years of guiding experience and local knowledge of world famous University of Oxford and City of Oxford.
Scholars Walk Tour guides provide the best walking tour experience to hundreds of tourist and students every week.
Oxford Walking Tour guide will take tourist inside the oldest, most beautiful colleges and School of Divinity built in 1488 (the first purpose built lecture room of Oxford University).
Why choose Scholars Walks Tours?
Scholars Walk Tours is committed to providing an unforgettable Oxford experience to everyone who joins our tour. We will show tourists all the famous sights, secret sights which are inside the oldest colleges, Oxford University buildings and share many interesting unknown stories of famous Oxford University graduates like Bill Clinton, Bob Hawke, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S Lewis, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde and much more. Inspector Morse and Harry Potter filming sights are also on our tours.

Our guides will describe the history, events, unknown traditions, famous ceremonies, institution and buildings of Oxford University & City in an interesting and enjoyable way. Many world leaders, events are part of the rich history of Oxford and our guides will deliver the tour in a way that your time and money is well spent. Our unshakeable commitment is to serve you with Oxford ‘s highest quality sights, historical information including some Bizarre traditions and some funny anecdotes to leave with unforgettable Oxford experience.
Join interesting and enjoyable Premium Walking Tours of Oxford University, Bodleian Library & City with Scholars Walk Tours.
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